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How To Plan The Most Awesome Stag or Hen  Weekend Ever!

So you have probably known him or her since childhood, you know his/her good points and of course ALL of their bad, you ARE the best man or maid of honour and you have been given the massive responsibility of organising his/her stg or hen  weekend ... feeling the pressure? Don't sweat here are Pink Monkey Stag and Hen Ltd guide to organising the best stag or hen weekend humanly possible.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Sounds obvious but ask the stag or hen what kind of weekend they are looking for, a party central location like Albufeira or something more civilised and mature like a stag or hen weekend in Lisbon. How many people do they want to invite and what is the estimated cost per head.


It is better to invite good friends, those on the same level as you and the stag or hen, leave out the work colleagues who they drink with occasionally and definitely forget the acquaintances. By inviting your "close" mates you will ensure your weekend is everything the stag or hen wants it to be.

Cash, Cash, Cash

The activities you plan on your stag or hen  weekend will make or break the weekend. Why waste money on expensive activities when something simple like a surfing stag weekend or spa hen weekend will suffice.


Decide on a date, the weekend should be close to the wedding date but not so close to create "problems", ideally 5 to 6 weeks before the big day is your best option.

Choosing a company or going it alone

Remember you have to organise flights, transfers, accommodation, activities, transfers to and from activities, meals, bars, strippers that's alot of responsibility on your shoulders. Let Pink Monkey Stag and Hen Ltd organise everything on your behalf, we do all the hard work for you, YOU take all of the credit.

Money, Money, Money

The stag or hen  weekend has to be paid for and you will be responsible for chasing the money from the lads and ladies, why not ask the most responsible within the stag or hen group to chase payments or allow a company like Pink Monkey Stag and Hen Ltd to chase the final payments from the lads or ladies on your behalf.

Boring Stuff

When coming abroad to your Lisbon stag weekend or Albufeira hen weekend remember the guys and gals needs to bring their passports and arrange travel insurance, better to be safe than sorry!